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Accessing a vein is not always as easy as patients and their caregivers want it to be. That’s because veins are not always readily identified. Frequently the physician, nurse, or phlebotomist has to press on the skin to feel for the vein’s location, and then make an educated guess based solely on the tactile sensitivity of the finger and raw instinct. It’s like trying to find a vein while blindfolded.

Venipunctures with the AV300

Let’s try this scenario with the nurse performing the venipuncture with the AccuVein AV300. On your next trip to the physician, the nurse holds an AccuVein AV300 over your skin to aid in locating the veins. This can improve chances that the procedure will be done right the first time.

The AccuVein AV300 was designed with safety in mind and the goal of minimizing venipuncture complications. The light projected by the AV300 can detect veins without the need for physical contact with skin.

The AV300 and Healthcare Professionals

The AccuVein AV300 looks like a cordless phone. It’s small enough to hold in the hand or put in a pocket. It can be attached to a bed, table, or chair or set on its own stand so the user has both hands free to draw blood or start the IV.

The AccuVein AV300 is easy to use because it runs on a battery and the room doesn’t need to be darkened to use it. Because of its portability, there’s no need for the patient to be transported to the device. It may be useful even for those patients who have been told they have “difficult veins.”


Let’s face it, most patients don’t find needles fun. But the AccuVein AV300 can make them less stressful. When physicians, nurses, and phlebotomists use it to help find a vein for a blood draw or to start an IV , patients may feel more confident in the skill of their caregiver. What’s more, for most patients seeing a “map” of their veins is a WOW! moment

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